We're on a mission to redefine the world's relationship with aging

Our story

Nurture was founded on the belief that aging can be a journey filled with joy and wellbeing. And that—with access to the right community, education, and support—this is possible for everyone. At Nurture, we offer thoughtful courses and expert guidance to help people age on their own terms. 
We all deserve to age well. Nurture is here to guide you along the way.

Our values


Every decision we make is motivated by our care for people who are aging. We offer a high-touch, warm, and interactive space for people to learn about aging and to deepen their connections with others.


Everyone deserves to age with wellness and community. We are committed to offering information that’s easy to understand and access. In all of our courses, we seek to support diverse personal, health, and financial realities.


It takes courage to speak frankly and clearly about the realities of aging. We’re unafraid to have the important conversations. In doing so, we can open up new approaches to aging and empower people to voice what matters most to them.


We ensure that aging is anchored in joy by helping everyone embrace change, discover new possibilities for vitality, and foster community in their later years.

Our founder

Sierra Campbell is an elder caregiver at heart. Sierra opened a home care agency after college and it grew into a ten year commitment to caring for 100+ grandmothers and grandfathers in the last 2-5 years of their lives.
Through her work, Sierra observed that most people avoid addressing their aging needs until they’ve suffered a health crisis and loss of independence, resulting in added anxiety and stress.  This led Sierra to realize a new vision for how we can prepare for aging, its unknowns, and the inevitability of death: Begin earlier in life, with a focus on joy, vitality, and COMMUNITY at the center. 
Sierra began studying yoga and Tibetan Buddhism in the late 90's and has served as a death doula for more than a quarter of a century.  Sierra is a cancer survivor who understands firsthand the challenges facing patients and their families. 
"Nurture is a great resource for aging and long-term care planning. Its courses are filled with valuable and practical information, and Sierra Campbell’s expertise and compassion shines through. I am so thankful and grateful that Sierra has created Nurture to share her wealth of knowledge and understanding of life's difficult subjects.”

Licensed clinical social worker