Elder & End-Of-Life Doula Course

Join our upcoming 12-week course, starting August with a community welcome gathering. In August, we're excited to host a conversation with Esther Perel, on family dynamics and navigating the complexities of death

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August 7 - October 9th  

$1895 USD

(Pay in full one-time or 3 Monthly Payments of $700)

Includes weekly live sessions: 6 community gatherings, 6 supportive small groups.

  • Be nourished in community while facing¬†mortality and grief.
  • Navigate elder planning & care with clarity and connection.
  • Learn to "be with dying,"¬†enriching the relationship with yourself and service to others.
  • Cultivate peace and effectiveness in personal and community roles.
  • Create rituals and rites of passage.
  • Translate teachings into professional practices.
  • Benefit from four in-depth e-books.
  • Practice with meditations on death, and¬†ancient wisdoms.
  • Free monthly gatherings for graduates
  • BONUSES reflective writing exercises, practical "printable" guides, surprise guest teachers, and much more.
  • Partial Scholarships available - check FAQs and fill out application

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Learn From Our Guest Teachers 


¬†‚ÄúI realized that the topic I had once avoided‚ÄĒonly to become somewhat obsessed with it later in life‚ÄĒwas now the most important conversation I needed to have with my family. We needed to talk about death. Over the last few months, we‚Äôve been working with Sierra Campbell to turn the anxiety of ‚Äúwhat will we do if‚ÄĚ into a plan. Via video call, my husband and I meet with our sons and Sierra. Instead of the usual check in, we talk about checking out. Organization can be a balm in the midst of a chaotic time, and as I hear my family responding to Sierra‚Äôs questions, I realize that I am discovering a new tangent in the erotic equation.¬†


Talking about death is talking about life‚ÄĒhopes, fears, uncertainty, imagination, legacy, connection, responsibility, love.‚ÄĚ



More added soon... 


What Is An Elder & End-Of-Life Doula?


An Elder & End-of-Life Doula, often referred to as a Death Doula, provides holistic, non-medical support to individuals and their families through the final stages of life and into bereavement. They may assist with advance care planning, coordinate family caregiving, and facilitate life reviews and vigil planning. Additionally, they offer spiritual, physical, and practical support, helping to navigate the complexities of dying and ensuring a dignified and personalized experience for all involved.

Who Should Enroll? 


We welcome all, no previous experience necessary. This course aligns well for those who are healthcare professionals, caregivers, educators, healing arts practitioners, and volunteers to our course. It's perfect for legal experts, therapists, nurses, hospice workers, and anyone affected by death or loss who seeks to enrich their understanding of life and death, and to compassionately support those facing critical illness and death.

What You'll Gain

Elder Care Expertise

Deep insights into elder support and planning.

Death Doula Skills

Proficiency in death doula roles and practices for certification.

Compassionate Communication

Enhanced empathy and dialogue for patient-centric care.

Cultural Sensitivity

Inclusive, culturally-aware care approaches.

Bereavement Support

Effective strategies for managing grief.

Professional and Personal Growth

Support to discover and grow doula services with your community.

Decision-Making and Conflict

Skills in navigating ethical dilemmas and conflict.

Mastery of Modalities

Proficiency in diverse end-of-life care approaches, including psychedelic assistance.

Community Integration

Building supportive, collaborative networks.

August 7 - October 9

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  • One-time payment¬†
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3 Monthly Payments


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  • 3 Monthly payments of $700 = $2,100
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Included In Your Course:

Course Information & Outline

A comprehensive and progressive learning experience covering all aspects of elder care management, end of life literacy, and a broad array of death doula services.

Student of Doula Course

Deep gratitude for the generosity and grace of this course, the exceptional teachings and for the chance to feel the truth of Nurture both for myself as practitioner and how it can be offered out to others, especially by embracing our vulnerabilities and not denying them.
Thank you for such an enriching and life-death changing gift. 

Nicole G.

New York, New York 

Nurture brought my family much needed moral support and practical wisdom on what to expect throughout the whole journey. We used Five Conversations framework and were better prepared as a family because of Nurture.


Student of Doula Course

This course has been life changing, I feel like I’ve found my people and looking forward to continuing this epic journey together in the monthly Nurture Circle.